Advocates for Grassroots Development in Uganda

Community Based Organizations

AGRADU has three partner Community Based Organizations (CBOs) where our interns work every summer. We have a lasting relationship with these three sites and provide them with interns every summer. Listed below is more information regarding AGRADU's partners and a link to their websites. Additionally, interested UNC students can contact past interns for more information regarding site-specific questions. 

Katosi Women Development Trust (KWDT) 
KWDT is a community-based organization headquartered in Kampala, Uganda that works to improve the economic and social realities of women and their families in the nearby Katosi Region.  Established in 1993, KWDT has provided employment opportunities, sanitation facilities, and drinking water (among other services) to the traditionally marginalized women of a small fishing community located on the shore of Lake Victoria.  As an intern, you will be working in the main office in the capital city of Kampala, where you will assist in the administrative efforts of the organization. You will have the opportunity to write grants, edit proposals, and utilize other outlets to help raise funds so that KWDT can continue to provide its services. You will also get to travel to Katosi to see first hand the work that KWDT has accomplished over the years and the impact that KWDT has had on its members at a very personal level.

The field site of KWDT is located in the village of Katosi on Lake Victoria.  KWDT has helped numerous women in the village through microfinance projects. The major projects that KWDT are continually working on include building rain water tanks and eco-sand latrines, in addition to cattle rearing and agricultural projects. The office of KWDT is located in Kampala, but the office members make the two hour drive to Katosi bi-weekly to meet with the thirteen women groups.  As an intern for KWDT you are expected to attend these meetings every week. However, your daily job consists of working within the community to better the lives of the villagers.  KWDT documents your activities, but what you work on is largely up to you.  For example, this past summer, interns got involved teaching English, teaching sanitation club at three schools, building gardens, building bio sand water filters, writing a sanitation guide and a female health guide, building stoves, teaching women to bake cakes, creating a reusable pad program for elementary/middle school girls, and just about anything else that villagers needed help with. For more information about the goals and activity of Katosi visit their website above.

Contact 2014 interns Mariam Diallo or Leigh Taylor  for more information. 
Kyetume Community Based Health Care Programme (CBHCP)
Kyetume CBHCP is a registered non-governmental organization that strives to improve the health and socio-economic standards of the underserved rural people within Mukono Districts and in Uganda at large by using a community based participatory and human rights approach.  Kyetume CHBCP was incepted by Christian churches of Kyetume Parish in 1994 with the specific goals of providing preventative health, reducing maternal and infant mortality, reducing further transmission of HIV and AIDS, promoting family planning and reproductive health, establishing and supporting income generating activities for poverty reduction and food security, and supporting functional adult literacy.  For more information about the goals and activity of Kyetume visit their website above.

 Contact 2014 interns April PetersonKristen Akialis, or Hannah Angle for more information. 
New Hope African Children's Ministries 
New Hope is a grassroots, Christian charity that exists to feed, shelter, and educate orphans and vulnerable children so that they may grow into leaders of character for Uganda's future.  Founded in 2003 and based in Busia, Uganda, New Hope alleviates the suffering of children affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty by providing them food, healthcare, clothing, a loving home environment, an excellent education, a hopeful future and, most importantly, the childhood which disease and poverty almost stole from them.  New Hope ultimately seeks to train these young victims of poverty and disease into well educated men and women equipped with the character and leadership skills necessary to lift Uganda and all of Africa from the depths of civil strife and massive poverty.  There are various opportunities for engagement with New Hope, including but not limited to, teaching, assisting with a micro-finance program, scholarship fund, and garden project. For more information about the goals and activity of New Hope visit their website above.

Contact 2014 interns Jessica Douglas or Hannah Saggau for more information.