Advocates for Grassroots Development in Uganda

AGRADU offers UNC students with an 8 week summer internship opportunity. Interns are selected through an application process. The application for the Summer 2015 Internship has closed.  Interested UNC students are encouraged to apply next year. The application opens mid-October and is due mid-November in 2015. 

2015 Summer Internship Model

As an AGRADU intern, you have the opportunity to organize and implement your own project while in Uganda. Since AGRADU sends 2-3 interns to each site, you are able to complete an individual and/or group project. The project planning period begins with the Co-chairs initiating contact with our CBOs. Once we understand the needs of the community, we will try to tailor those needs to your individual interests and skills. Ultimately, it is the interns responsibility to continue communication with their respective CBO, though AGRADU will oversee this process. In the past, interns have completed projects that dealt with water sanitation, nutrition, women's sanitary needs, education, journalism, and marketing. Project ideas are very flexible and our CBOs are willing to work with each intern's individual interest.

Logistical Details

The 8 week internship will last tentatively from May 29 thru July 27. 

A detailed schedule of the internship program will be provided to selected interns at a later date.

Arrival Weekend: Interns arrive in Entebbe and travel to Kampala for a mini-orientation. 
Weeks 1-8: Interns split up and travel to their respective sites for the internship program. During this times, interns complete their respective projects. Additionally, weeks 1-8 provide interns with an opportunity to organize and participate in excursions throughout the country. 
Final Weekend: Interns travel back to Kampala to prepare for departure. 

Tentative Cost of Internship Program: $3700

The internship is 100% self-funded. AGRADU connects interns with funding opportunities to off-set the portion of out-of-pocket expenses. This is solely an estimated cost, as the actual cost of the internship depends on each interns specific site, excursions, and general spending habits while in Uganda. 

**We encourage all interested students to apply and to not let funding deter them from an amazing opportunity, as we will help the selected interns fund for their trips. 

Spring 2015 Semester Commitments

Throughout the spring semester, interns will be expected and required to do the following:

  1. Attend the Annual Winter Retreat (January 30th to January 31st)
  2. Attend weekly meetings (lasting approximately 1 hour).
  3. Actively search/apply for funding.
  4. Participate in Go Global Workshops.
  5. Adequately prepare for departure (vaccinations, travel plans etc.).
  6. Communicate with respective CBO to coordinate project.

Academic Year 2015-2016 Commitments 
Participation in the 2015 Summer Internship Program is a contingent upon each interns involvement in AGRADU. The success of AGRADU depends on the commitment that each intern has after returning from Uganda. We ask interns to stay dedicated to AGRADU during the 2015-2016 academic year by requiring the following: 

  1. Participate in workshops and other skill-building activities throughout the academic year. 
  2. Organize and volunteer in fundraising activities to build support for CBO programs. 
  3. Help future interns with project ideas and coordination with CBOs.
  4. Facilitate with Fall Fest, interest meetings, interviews, and any other necessary events deemed appropriate by the current co-chairs.
  5. Be committed to and passionate about everything AGRADU!